September – February 22/23
Get the tools for managing employees’ experience and impressions and become a business driver
Be one of the first certified professionals in Russia.
Employee Experience (EX) is the approach which has been actively developing on a global scale sinceс 2014 - 2016
EX Officer is a strategic role in the largest international companies
EX being a new approach to HR allows to reveal the potential of a team/company
Employee Experience
Companies with EX OFFICE:
Certification program
from the EX leader
in Russia
We’ve converted scraps of knowledge and experience into a coherent system.
Participants of the previous streams:
5 years of development and implementation of Employee Experience practices for Russian
and international companies.
2 completed streams of Employee Experience designers.
Own research, applied experience and cases of Russian and international companies. No secrets. Practice only.
Each participant of the program will get
A new view on HR work. Expansion of horizons.
All necessary canvas, manuals, guidelines and templates.
Skills and knowledge to run projects on building employee experience.
Elaboration of a real case and ideas/solutions for its implementation.
Over 120 hours of training (including 80 hours of training modules).
Community of like-minded people in which you’ll continue to develop after the program, too.
A business mentor who will provide feedback and help you to look at your work from a different angle.
Individual and team monitoring throughout the program.
6-month immersion. Over 30 hours monthly.
Small teams (4-6 people).
Work on the actual business need (a fixed case for each team).
80% practice and 20% theory
Introducing solutions already during the training.
We are constantly checking on the global context and best practices. There is an invited international speaker-practitioner in each module.
Program benefits
Online and offline modules let you plan your participation in the program flexibly and join from any part of the world.
Work with a mentor in team and individual formats during all 6 months (inter-module team assembly sessions, individual supervision, feedback, an opportunity to ask a mentor a question).
We pay attention not only to WHAT you do (tools, methods, canvas and templates), but also to HOW you do this (the focus on soft skills, Theory U, psychosemiotics, metaphorical thinking, etc.).
Individual approach
Hard & Soft
All the participants of the previous modules point out the special atmosphere of drive, freedom and со-creation, which will let you open up and get the most out of the program.
And something more
Program structure and timetable

Each day the program runs from 10:00 to 18:00

September 16-17
EX: trends and global context. Russian and international cases. Employee Experience process. The basics of design thinking for HR.
Employee Experience basics. Product culture in HR

December 16-17
Techniques for generating ideas. Trends and trendspotting. Metaphor as a way of finding and developing ideas. Methodology for developing complex solutions and concepts.
Generating ideas. Creative thinking and metaphor
January 20-21
Rules and tools for prototyping. Techniques for testing hypotheses. Practice of creating the first prototype (dirty prototyping). The basics of HR analytics for Employee Experience. Work with metrics. Pitching.
Prototyping and testing.
HR analytics
February 18
Project defense by teams. Discussion of the results. Feedback. Program completion ceremony.
Project defence
October 14-15
Empathy as a key skill. Tools for generating empathy and its development practices. Quality work with empathy map and EJM. Lifehacks and practices.
Tools for generating empathy. Empathy map and EJM
Analysis and synthesis. Persona model
How not to fall into analysis paralysis. Analysis of collected data. Search for contradictions. Synthesis. Persona model and mindsets. Storytelling. Assembling and analyzing personas.
November 18-19
Participant’s route

Inter-module work, team meetings

and communication with the mentor.

Elaboration and

testing of prototypes,

preparation of final presentations and pitches.

Project defense.

February 18

Module 4.

Prototyping and testing.

January 20-21

Module 3.

Generating ideas.



Module 2.


November 18-19

Module 1.



EX Basics

September 16-17

Choosing a case/work task for studying it in the program

Confirmation of participation in the certification program

Interview with a program curator

Mentoring in the program
Your high result is achieved mainly due to a special approach to mentoring.
There’re 3 types of mentors in the program:
Expert mentor
A mentor who is in charge of a definite topic. Questions related to this very topic can be addressed to him. Example: a mentor in charge of “prototyping and testing” is Anton Kazakov, UX/UI designer.
Team mentor
A mentor who accompanies a team throughout the whole program. He lends support during training modules and inter-module work.
Business mentor
A top-manager who meets with a team to enhance results. Business mentor’s feedback provides an opportunity to broaden the view on the issue that is being in work.
The program is for
HR manager or specialist:
– internal communications
– recruitment
– talent management
– training and development
– corporate culture
A CX expert who wants
to dive into EX
Selection for the program
Understanding whether the certification program is for you :
Complete the basic program “Employee Experience Design. The Basics”.
Discuss the value and feasibility of implementing this approach in your company with your manager. Ensure support and discuss possible resources for implementation.
Get the final consultation from a manager of open programs and make a decision.
During these two days the participants will be introduced to the Employee Experience process and learn the design thinking basics. “The Basics” provide fundamental understanding of the learning process and approximate effort needed for the inter-module work in the main course.
This is a compulsory stage for those who didn’t learn the design thinking methodology before.
To join the program you must have an interview with the program curator.
Who conducts the program:
Elena Chernikova
CEO of Innovation Culture, the author of the “Innovation Culture” research and concept.
Dzhannet Kashurnikova
Managing Partner at Innovation Culture. Leader of the Human Experience practice.
Anton Kazakov
Researcher, coach, “Design Thinking” facilitator. UX/UI designer.
Valeria Aizen
Researcher, coach, “Design Thinking” facilitator. Product Owner and Neuro&Tech Specialist.
Anna Kondrashova
Executive Director of «Innovation Culture», researcher, coach, facilitator of design thinking
Evgeniya Gorbacheva
Researcher, facilitator, mentor of teams, HR Business Partner with an experience in international and Russian companies
Konstantin Nechaev
Strategy director Avito
Some of the speakers invited to the program:
Jason Ashlock (USA)
Senior VP. Customer Experience & Employee Experience. Kuehne+Nagel.
Maldonado Vaca (Nina), AkzoNobel (Netherlands)
Agile Transformation and Digital Innovation Manager. Ex-HRD ING Bank.
Henriika Lindroos (Finland)
Service Designer, City of Helsinki, Social and Health Sector
Gleb Shulishov
Expert in storytelling and public speaking
Anastasia Khrisanfova
CEO&HR Mentor. Expert in strategic organization management . Organizational Development Director at ЕАPТЕКА
Anastasia Totok
Representative of the Presencing Institute in Russia (Theory U)
Egor Vorogushin
Director, People analytics and organizational development, Has been advising in the field of organizational development over 10 years, process building, HR analytics
And others
The list of guest speakers is not final, it may be updated and expanded. We always aim to improve the program, that’s why we’re in constant search for experts who can help us.
The companies which have introduced
Employee Experience practices
show higher business results
2,9 times higher revenue per employee
3 times more often are included into the Forbes’ list as brand Z and Forbes’ top brand value companies
4,3 times higher profitability
4,5 times more often are included into the Most Innovative Companies lists by Fast Company, Boston Consulting group and Forbes
6 times more often are included into the Best Employer, Best Company for Millennials, Best Company for Rare Specialists lists (Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work, Fortune’s 100 Best Companies for Millennials and LinkedIn’s Most in Demand Employers)
What companies get from implementing Employee Experience practices
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Growth of eNPS
  • Utmost pinpoint use of the budget (doing the things that will really work)
  • Reinforcement of the employer brand
  • Development of the culture of experiments
  • Development the product culture
EX Design. The basics
2 days from 10.00 till 18.00
Only 2-day training, without participation in full certification
Full certification program from the Basics to Defence
50.000 rubles
280.000 rubles


for a meeting with the program curator

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